Husband and wife cuddle close together during their in home newborn photoshoot, holding their newborn in their light, airy, neutral nursery just a few days after they brought their baby home from the hospital

When to book a newborn photoshoot

Husband and wife cuddle close together during their in home newborn photoshoot, holding their newborn in their light, airy, neutral nursery just a few days after they brought their baby home from the hospital

The season of pregnancy is so exciting! Despite all its challenges, there’s so much to look forward to. Precious photos with your newborn is one of those great things! In this article, we’re going to tackle when to book a newborn photoshoot, kinds of newborn photographers, what newborn photos cost, and how to find the photographer that’s right for your family.

How far in advance should you book a newborn photoshoot?

Newborn sessions are tentatively scheduled around your due date. Most newborn photographers only book so many sessions per due month, so their calendar is full when they reach whatever that personal limit is. You can start researching and booking newborn photographers as early as you’d like! Oftentimes, you can even bundle newborn photography with a pregnancy announcement, gender reveal, maternity session, birth, and even multiple milestones after the baby’s birth.

How soon after the baby’s arrival should you schedule your newborn session

Traditionally, newborn portrait sessions are scheduled for 2-14 days after the baby is born. Many of your newborn baby’s features will begin to change after this time, in addition to the frequency of the deep sleep that allows photographers to capture those sweet, peaceful images of your sleeping baby. During these first two weeks of life, their bodies are more flexible, they enjoy being swaddled and snuggled, and can be fed, rocked, and swaddled to sleep more easily. In addition, they are less likely to have begun baby acne and infant hair loss, which are little-known but common phases in the first 2-4 months of life.

Mother cuddles her newborn baby close to her face in black and white image by haili wright photography

When to contact your newborn photographer after the baby is born

Let them know as soon as you can! Your photographer doesn’t have to be at the very top of your notification list, but definitely let them know when you’re headed home from the hospital so you can get on their schedule within two weeks. You will need to let them know when you go into labor, if you plan on having a fresh 48 session (a newborn session done in the first 48 hours after birth, typically in the same place the baby was born–home, hospital, or birth center). More on that next!

Types of newborn sessions

There are several different types of newborn sessions, each with different results and their own pros and cons. It’s important to understand the differences before looking for a newborn photographer, since most photographers specialize in one type of session and don’t offer all these options. Let’s talk about what style is best for your family!

Image features up close details of a family's golden retriever sitting on the edge of the bed in front of the family. The family is cuddled up on the bed behind the dog, out of focus in the background. They are posing for their family in-home newborn lifestyle photo shoot.

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography

This is a modern newborn photography session that centers around the whole family. The photographer would come to your home and photograph your family in their own atmosphere. This allows you to not worry about how and when you’re going to feed your baby, what to pack, how many outfits to bring, etc. Everything you need is right there in your home. Plus, while your newborn is getting their “closeup”, you can brew some tea, get a snack, and relax for a few minutes. This style of session is particularly nice when you have older siblings to consider. Packing up toddlers for a photoshoot with their brand new sibling–where they’re no longer the center of your attention–can be a stressful way to start your family session.

Benefits of an in-home lifestyle newborn session

Besides convenience, one unexpected benefit of having an in-home newborn session is the ability to capture some sentimental images of keepsakes, your newborn’s first home, the nursery, and other items that may be heirlooms or hold sentimental value some day. Whether its the images on the wall behind your couch, or the stuffed animals in the nursery, there are a few extra sweet details that make their way into each lifestyle newborn session. Part of the “lifestyle” approach is to capture that season of life for the family authentically. Including these details, letting the kids play in their space and be involved in the session, including family pets, and so on is all part of capturing real life.

In order to accomplish a great in-home newborn session, you will still have to declutter a couple areas of your home for photos and coordinate outfits. But your photographer can help you with these things! Once they arrive, they’ll assess the light and let you know where would be best. You’ll want to try to feed your baby shortly before the session, and keep the house warm.

Studio style newborn image of a baby wrapped in a white swaddle, posed in a curved bowl with a faux fur blanket background and blue knitted hat

Studio Newborn Photography

Studio photographers are likely to have multiple backdrops, props, posing pillows, wraps and accessories. They specialize in posed portraits of newborns. If you’re hiring a studio style newborn photographer, make sure to ask them if they’re well versed in newborn safety. Some of the popular poses are actually accomplished through composites in post-production, and can’t be done naturally and safely with a sleeping newborn.

Sometimes, photographers who offer in-home lifestyle sessions have small studio set-ups that they bring on site. They may offer a hybrid, where they do a few studio-style wraps and poses during the in-home session. If you like both styles, you can look for someone who does a combination. This is something I offer, as a newborn photographer in the Colorado Springs area!

Styles of newborn photography

Each photographer has their own unique editing style. Some have light, bright, airy, dreamy colors and lots of neutral settings with natural light. Other photographers edit darker with lots of contrast and bold colors. Some love warmer looks, leaning into yellow, orange, and brown tones.
Photography styles are specific to each artist, and not something that usually changes from session to session. If there’s something you don’t love about the finished work of the photographer you’re considering, then ask them up front if that’s part of their usual style. Your goal should be to find someone who’s portfolio you LOVE and want to capture this new addition to your family.

up close image of details of a newborn's skin and facial features taken from the side perspective, showing their eyelashes, nose, and ears

Haili Wright Newborn Photography

My personal photography style is classic, colorful, authentic imagery. I focus on connection between your family members, details of your children’s features, and creating timeless imagery you want to frame forever. I know your newborn’s features will change shortly, and your children are so excited for the arrival of their new sibling! These moments are so important and only happen once. I want them to be vivid and true to life, not dated by trendy editing styles.

What does newborn photography cost?

Photographers are usually independent businesses, so pricing will vary greatly based on experience, demand, their personal cost of business, and what’s included in their package. Packages might include the length of your session, digital products, prints, albums, or other deliverables. You can expect to pay $200 to $600 for your session fee, and products may be additional.

Up close image of sleeping baby lying on a faux fur blanket, cuddled over onto her side as part of a newborn photoshoot

Looking for newborn photography in Colorado Springs area?

If you’re looking to find a newborn photographer in the Colorado Springs area and love the classic, colorful, timeless style of photography you see here, please reach out! It’s never too soon to have a conversation about your family’s newborn session.



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