In-Home Newborn Photos in Monument, CO

I was so excited to do the in-home newborn photos for this sweet family! I’ve known them for over ten years now and I love being part of their journey. This is only one of so many newborn sessions that have been happening lately—and I love it! (Although I’ll admit, I’m getting excited for some outdoor photography too. Bring on the warm weather!)

in-home newborn photos of baby boy in Monument Colorado

Infant boy asleep at home in Colorado

Studio vs. In-Home Newborn Photos

I offer both studio and at-home newborn photography. Because both are beautiful! You can check out my packages page to learn more, but it really comes down to style and convenience. Would you rather come to the studio or would you feel more comfortable at home? Either way, you’ll have access to my collection of props and accessories and the opportunity for parent and sibling photos with baby, if you so choose.

Where to Take Baby Photos in Your Home

Sometimes people love the idea of a professional photographer coming to their home but are worried that the lighting won’t be good enough. Let me reassure you: The likelihood is, if you have windows, we’ll be able to have a successful newborn photoshoot in your home! All of these baby boy in-home newborn photos were taken in the family’s living room next to a large window. It’s amazing what you can do with plentiful natural light!

Baby boy in striped gray and black outfit asleep in basket on the floor

Posed Newborn Sessions

It’s been a while since I’ve done a super posed session like this, but the skills came right back to me! I’m always willing to do more posing upon request. If you have your heart set on a posed newborn session, keep in mind that you’ll have the best success if you schedule your shoot for sometime in the first 14 days of baby’s arrival. I’m always happy to photograph older newborns, but there are certain poses that may no longer be comfortable for your little one once they’re older than two weeks. And your baby’s safety and comfort always come first!

Closeup of newborn baby's toes poking out of white swaddle

Monument, Colorado Newborn Photographer

I loved spending a couple of hours with this wonderful family in their home in Monument, Colorado, capturing sweet memories of their earliest days with the newest member of the clan! Since they have three boys in a row, mama decided to use similar styles for all of them, so that she can frame their baby photos side-by-side in her home. I love this idea! These baby pictures will be the perfect addition—just like her sweet new baby boy.

Mother cradling newborn boy at home in Monument, CO


Hello, I’m so happy you’re here! Thank you for considering me to capture your portraits. I’m an award-winning newborn and family photographer based in Colorado Springs. If you are welcoming a new baby, or simply want to document your growing family year after year, I would be honored to work with you!