How to Dress for Family Photos in the Winter

how to dress for family photos in the winter

Have you ever heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”? As a family photographer, I’m inclined to agree. I love doing outdoor photoshoots in all seasons, including winter. It’s true that cold weather photoshoots require a little more planning for what to wear, but don’t let that deter you. Here’s my advice on how to dress for family photos in the winter.

Dad hugging young sons in the snow


Choose Your Colors

I recommend choosing warm, neutral colors. Wintertime in Colorado Springs produces lots of cool, blue tones in the environment from the snow, the mountains, etc. We want you to stand out against the winter scenery! Warmer tones such as tan, maroon, off-white or ivory, and forest green are all great choices.


Family bundled up for a wintry walk in the woods

Dress in Layers

Layer up! Layers not only add warmth (a big bonus for winter photo sessions), but they also add texture and depth to your images. Make sure all your layers coordinate, since flexibility is the point. If the day ends up being warmer than expected, you can always take a layer off! Multiple layers will keep you nice and toasty while looking so much cuter than a thick coat.


Mom playing with sons in snow near Colorado Springs

Wear Winter Accessories

As you’re styling your winter family photo session, don’t forget the accessories! Think cardigans, gloves, sweaters, boots, and hats or bonnets for babies. Again, these are extra layers that can be taken off if you get too warm, but will add to the cozy winter vibe if you need to stay bundled up.


Mom kissing young son against winter backdrop

Keep the Littles Warm

When babies or young kiddos get too cold, it can impact the success of the session, so take extra care when choosing their outfits and make sure they’ll be well bundled up.

Bonus Tip: Stick hand warmers in your pockets! They’ll be tucked away where no one can see them, and can go a long way towards keeping you feeling comfortable.

Remember, when you’re deciding how to dress for family photos in the winter, the key things are to choose colors that will stand out in a wintry landscape, use lots of layers, and wear clothes you’ll feel comfy and warm in. Are you ready to bundle up and brave the cold for some amazing family photos? Get in touch and let’s start planning your session!



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