Preparing Your Newborn Baby for a Photoshoot

The season of pregnancy is so exciting! Despite all of its challenges, pregnancy gives you so much to look forward too… including precious photos with your newborn! These are my top three ways to prepare your sweet new babe for their first photoshoot. Plus bonus tips for getting yourself ready. 

Tips for Keeping Baby Happy During Photoshoots 


1. A Full Tummy

Try to get your little one fully fed just before your photographer arrives. We all know things can turn on a dime when your little one wakes up and realizes they are hungry! More often than not, a full baby = a happy baby. 

2. Keep Things Calm + Soothing

Babies are easily overstimulated, so you want to keep the noise low, and lights dim before your photographer arrives. Soft music in the background can be soothing for both mom and baby.

3. Minimize Outfit Changes

Have your baby down to their diaper, if possible, when your photographer arrives.  They can then swaddle or wrap the baby as soon as they get there and make the most of your  time together.  If you do have some choice outfits you’d like to put them in, I recommend keeping it to a minimum. Too many outfit changes can be agitating and lead to an upset babe. 

Getting Mama Ready

Mama, you’ve just been through something miraculous yet exhausting, and it can be very tough to get yourself ready for a photoshoot while taking care of baby’s needs. This is a great time to pamper yourself by hiring someone to do your hair and make-up in your own home. You don’t have to worry about leaving the house, and this little pamper session can help you feel a little rejuvenated after the sleepless nights.


Looking for newborn photography in Colorado Springs area?

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