Preparing the Kids for a Family Photoshoot

I see you, mama. We’ve all been there! You spend hours trying to find the perfect combination of outfits for the whole family. You are chasing the kids to get them dressed, and trying to do your hair and makeup at the same time (all while hoping they don’t spill something on their clothes before you make it out the door). Things can get pretty intense before you even arrive to take pictures… and now this fun family shoot has just become a stress fest! I wrote this article to help you make the best of your family photoshoot, even with the unpredictability of little ones.


Setting the Tone for Everyone to Have Fun

Even if the day has not gone according to plan, the car ride over is the perfect place for everyone to release any bad attitudes and start setting the tone for a FUN family photoshoot.

I recommend turning on your kids’ favorite music or movie soundtrack for a car dance party!  Playing uplifting, energizing music gets the kids excited and sets a positive tone for everyone when you arrive.

What to Pack to Keep the Whole Family Happy

Getting everyone out the door is hectic enough, so I recommend making a list of everything you want to take and pack as much as possible the night before so you don’t have to think about it while getting everyone ready and out the door.

1. Snacks- Always Bring Snacks

We all know littles can go from happy to HANGRY in the blink of an eye, so don’t forget to pack their favorite snacks and drinks.

2. Plan for the Weather

You might not want everyone wearing their winter gear in the pictures, but you still want to be prepared for cold temperatures or rain. It might be helpful for everyone to warm up when they need it between pictures. Especially here in Colorado, weather can be unpredictable! Our beautiful state gives us magical photo backdrops, but you definitely want to pack jackets for a Colorado photoshoot. 

3. The Last-Minute Touch-Up Items

Don’t forget your make-up and a hair brush for touch-ups. Anything can happen, and if you don’t need it, great! But if you do, you’ll be so glad you brought it.


And We Can’t Forget the Furry Family Members

Treats are of course a must-have when working with animals, but you also don’t want to forget the water, especially if the temperatures are warmer. They sell some pretty neat contraptions these days for on-the-go water for pups! Most are very easy to pack and won’t take up much space.

A few other must-haves for the pups: leash, their favorite toy, and we can’t forget the poop bags!


Have Some Fun!

The most important thing you can bring along to a family photoshoot… your beautiful smiles!  The best way to ensure amazing pictures is to just have a little fun. It will keep the kids happy and your photographer will certainly be able to capture those joyous moments so they can last a lifetime.

Looking for family photography in the Colorado Springs area?

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