How To Boost Your Business’ Credibility & Engagement: The Power of Good Marketing & Professional Photographs

So you have this business idea that you’re sure people will love

You put together a business plan, front the initial payments to get it started, and just wait for the people to start rolling in. 

But they don’t. 

They don’t hear about you, they don’t know you exist, they never come. 

This is probably because you were so busy with getting your business started you weren’t able to think about marketing or professional photography. 

Alright, so maybe this is slightly dramatic. Your story might look a little more like you’ve implemented some basic marketing strategies, but ultimately you’d like your business to have more credibility and more engagement. 

Step number one, after your business is started and ready to go, get rid of the bad photos and bring in a professional photographer that can really capture your business/brand. 

Here’s why and how to do it.

Understand What A “Bad” Photo Is & Why It Doesn’t Belong?

In a world where everyone is connected through technology, photographs are crucial. Not just generic stock photos, authentic-high-quality-meaningful photos. 

In fact, according to MDG Advertising, “people remember only 10% of information three days after hearing it, on average; adding a picture can improve recall by 65%.” 

When I say “bad” photo, I mean: 

  • Blurry 
  • Pixelated 
  • Messy Composition 
  • Dark/Shadowy
  • Over-edited
  • Overall sloppy 

Overall, with any of these photo attributions, people aren’t going to treat your business as credible.

The quality of your photos makes a number of statements about your business — what you’re about, your values, and overall what you’re trying to accomplish.

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Make Your Photos Meaningful

Now that we have established that we shouldn’t be simply snapping random pictures to use for your business, it’s important to think about what you’re trying to convey with your images even if you bring in a professional photographer. 

Meaning is huge.

Let’s say your business is a travel company and you’re targeting adventurous 20-40-year-olds, think about what they want to see and how it connects them to your business. If you’re using photos of families out on a bike ride, you’re missing your ideal audience entirely. Once you capture a set of images that resonate with your target audience, then you can use these images not only on your website but for social media platforms, advertisements, and more.

Meaningful images help you and your audience stand out. If you’re creating meaningful images and connecting with your target audience you’re creating and encouraging people to engage with your business.

Although good photography should be a must in your business’ digital marketing strategy, here are some other social media trends you can follow to help increase engagement and business credibility along with the implementation of meaningful-high quality images. 

Mix it Up But Be Consistent

If you’re looking to drive more engagement and credibility, give your business a variety of photos but also give them the same feelings. For example, when you meet with your professional photographer make sure you have them take a variety of lifestyle, brand, and product/service photos that you can use throughout your website, social media, and other strategies — but make sure they represent your business.

A simple way to do this is to think about your business’ values, mood, and target audience. Is your business a dark and mysterious place, or is it bright and clean? Keep a color scheme in mind and tell your photographer so they can establish the perfect feel of your photos and continue to keep it consistent for the remainder of your photos. When you start by doing this with your photos you’ll start to create a consistent and noticeable brand that people will be able to recognize.

In fact, Lucidpress did a study that showed “brand consistency increases revenue by 33%.” So now, you’re not only establishing more engagement and credibility you’re increasing profits — win!

Make sure you do this every time. If you go to a different photographer the next time make sure you give them a tight set of rules to work within, so they don’t change the feel of your business.

Need More Help? 

Do you have more questions about getting started with working with a professional photographer or how to start working on your marketing strategy

Contact me, and let’s get started with your photography and contact Mountain Air Marketing to get your marketing strategy together!

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