7 Ways to Include Your Dog in Family Photos

Pets are a huge part of so many lives and families. Chances are you have even considered including your beloved pup in your family pictures. If you aren’t sure about the best way to include your family pet, or you’re just a little nervous about the logistics, read on for my best tips for adding your fluffy friend to the family photos…


1. Tire them out

First things first, wear the puppy out! Plan for a walk or extra play time before the photoshoot to get rid of some energy. Taking pictures with your pooch can be unpredictable anyway, but a tired pup is much more likely to cooperate. 

2. Dress them up

Accessorize with a doggie sweater, bowtie, or bandana! Pick a color or pattern that coordinates with everyone’s outfits. Make sure you do a practice run so your pet can adjust to the feeling of wearing something new (especially if accessories are new to them).

3. Stay on leash

Bring a neutral colored leash and collar (so they don’t stand out in the photos). Some locations don’t allow dogs to be off leash, so this is an important one! 

4. Scrub-a-dub

Get your doggo groomed before your photo session! A little bath and brushing goes a long way. Everyone is going to look their best, and your pet is no exception. 

5. Bring lots of treats

Posing for pictures isn’t a trick the most pups are trained for… so come prepared with plenty of their favorite treats. We’re not above using a bribe to get the shot! 

6. Have some fun

While you’ve got the treats out, try some fun activities to get unique action shots with your pet… blow bubbles and snap close ups of their cute face as they try to gobble them up (extra adorable if you have kids to include) or bring a favorite toy to play with your dog. If they know how, have your pup give you a high five or hug. These interactive tricks make for extra sweet photos. 

7. Let it go

Try to keep your expectations low. When photographing pets (and even kiddos sometimes) there are things that we just can’t control. Trust that your photos don’t have to look one certain way to be beautiful and special! Have fun with your pets and loved ones and let your photographer work their magic.


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